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Naturally Cordial is made from whole fruit to a traditional recipe, then pasteurised. Based in Co. Wexford, we use local fruit from our neighbours and friends, along with organic citrus fruit, to make sure our cordials are bursting with flavour.

Making the world more cordial…

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  • Lemon & Lime Cordial

    For those who enjoy the tartness of limes, this is a winning combination – fresh and zingy!

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  • Aromatic Lemon Cordial

    We call this our two sense sensation. Allow your nose to enjoy the fragrance of this particular variety of lemon first - an unusual, sophisticated lemon cordial.

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  • Lemon & Passion Fruit

    Made from fresh passionfruit, this is a subtle addition to our organic lemons. You might not recognise the flavour, but you will love it!

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  • Orange & Lemon Cordial

    A classic combination – our orange and lemon is exactly that …. Orange, orange, orange flavour on the tongue and then lemon. Perfectly balanced.

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  • Pink Grapefruit Cordial

    Surprisingly mellow, refreshing and light in flavour. This is great with prosecco, sparkling water, as an aperitif or palate cleanser between courses.

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  • Wexford Blackcurrant Cordial

    For those who love blackcurrants as it really does taste of blackcurrants.

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  • Orange & Cranberry Cordial

    Sharp, flavoursome cranberries sweetened with organic oranges. Yummy!

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  • Lemon & Raspberry Cordial

    Loved for its raspberry berryness cut with lemon.

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  • Strawberry, Cucumber & Lime cordial

    Described as “an extraordinary balance of flavours”, we have used cucumber to freshen the taste of strawberries and added lime to prevent it getting too sweet. We only use fresh strawberries for our cordials so this is seasonal.

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  • Strawberry & Raspberry Cordial

    When asked to make a strawberry cordial, we came up with this. The raspberries add depth to the flavour and prevent the strawberry flavour becoming too sweet. We only use fresh strawberries in our cordial in order to keep that true strawberry taste.

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  • Strawberry & Pink Grapefruit Cordial

    An usual combination that tastes surprisingly good. Fresh strawberries with a tropical taste!

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Where to buy

You can buy Naturally Cordial in a wide variety of shops and supermarkets across Ireland. To find the nearest stockist to you, simply enter your location in the box below.


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